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Model ACS3920 CO2 Free Dry Air Compressor System

Model ACS3920 Air Compressor System


The ACS3920 Air Compressor System with integral CO2 Adsorber/ Air Dryer is designed to be used as the gas supply for the Thunder Scientific 3920 Low Humidity Generator. The ACS3920 Air Compressor System consists of a vibration isolated oil-less compressor, membrane style air dryer, CO2 Adsorber/ Air Dryer, and adjustment regulators, all incorporated into a sound muffling enclosure. The ACS3920 is ideal for laboratory use due to its small size, 100 psiG pressure output at 15 L/min, with an ambient pressure -73 °C FP, 100% duty cycle capability, and a low sound level of less than 70 decibels.


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Model 3920 Automated Low Humidity Generation System

Model 3920 Automated Humidity Generation System


Thunder would like to introduce the brand new Model 3920 series generator which will be delivering in the first quarter of 2020. This system provides precision frost point/dew point control with new style Ultrahigh-Purity diaphragm valve components as well as Thunder's own ControLog® Embedded Automation Software and features a Multi-point Touch LCD screen and new keyboard interface for ease of data input. Also includes a higher flow capability of 10 liters per minute.


  • Traceable to SI 1
  • High Flow Capability of 10 L/min
  • Based on NIST Proven "Two-Pressure" Principle
  • HumiCalc® with Uncertainty Mathematical Engine
  • ControLog® Embedded Automation Software
  • Generate: Frost Point, Dew Point, PPM, %RH
  • Calculated Real-Time Uncertainty
  • Multi-point Touch LCD
  • Additional Keyboard Interface
  • Calculated Water Capacity to Indicate Water Usage

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Model 4PHM Heated Manifold Kit

Model 4PHM Heated Manifold Kit


The Four Port Heated Manifold Kit is a commercial-off-the-shelf manifold that has four 3/4"-16 straight thread adapters standard and can be modify to your needs. When switched on the manifold automatically controls the temperature of the manifold assembly from ambient to 60 °C to aid in the dry down process of the frost point/dew point probes being calibrated. The manifold is equipped with a back-pressure regulator to allow the user to control the back pressure of the manifold above ambient pressure if desired. The manifold supports flow rates from 1.0 to 4.0 SLPM and uses adaptable inlet and outlet fittings.


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All New Model 2900 Automated “Two-Pressure” Humidity Generation System

Model 2900 Automated Humidity Generation System

Thunder is proud to announce the new release of the Model 2900 Automated Humidity Generation System. This system has all the features you would want, which include:


  • Operates using the proven fundamental “two-pressure” principle
  • Improved relative humidity (%RH) uncertainty of 0.5 percent of reading
  • Improved chamber temperature uniformity as low as 0.03 °C when using the fluid jacketed door
  • Multi-Touch color display
  • Embedded ControLog® that simplifies operation and provides detailed information about the humidity being generated
  • Ability to generate Dew Point, Frost Point, PPMv, PPMw in addition to %RH
  • Calculates generator uncertainties in real-time
  • Ability to load custom generator uncertainty budget
  • Connect supported devices to log in conjunction with generator
  • Automate humidity generation using user definable profiles
  • User controlled externally driven chamber fan to improve equalization within the chamber but without the added heat that is associated with internally driven chamber fans
  • Higher flow rates up to 50 L/min
  • No longer need to drain fluids to perform calibration on the generator
  • No need for a separate air tank
  • Same great Thunder Scientific support

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    Calibration Technicians Rudy and Lemuel


    Congratulations to both Rudy and Lemuel for achieving the goal attaining their certificates from ASQ for the Certified Calibration Technicians test. The staff and management at Thunder congratulate the both of you for accomplishing the requirements needed to complete the exam to give both you and Thunder the added benefit of the knowledge gained by getting this certification.


    Left pictured is Rudy and right is Lemuel.

    Great Job Technicians!


    2500 Funnel Set

    2500 Funnel Set

    A must have for all 2500 system users, this set means you will never get mixed up as to which funnel goes where. On the Reservoir Funnel, pictured right, you know it's the right one because it has a nut attached right to the funnel, so no spills anymore. On the Chamber Funnel, pictured left, just slide it on the chamber fill port until it bottoms out, once you do this you can check the fluid level with the funnel its self by observing if the fluid touches the bottom of the funnel.

    For a short time if you purchase this set you will receive a Free chamber fluid fill gauge and a flashlight.

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