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NEW Product

Model ACS3920 Air Compressor System

Model ACS3920

CO2 Free Dry Air Compressor System

A Fully Enclosed Compressed Air Supply, Air Dryer & Sound Muffling Enclosure



  • 100 psiG Oil-Less Air Supply
  • CO2 Free Dry Air
  • <-73 °C Ambient Pressure Frost Point
  • Membrane Air Dryer
  • CO2 Adsorber / Air Dryer
  • Sound level <70 db
  • Vibration Isolated Compressor
  • 8’ Removable AC Power Cord
  • Remote Start Function
  • Hour Meter
  • Dimensions H 14.0” x W 28.9” x D 18.1”
  • Weight Approximately 75 Lbs.
  • Connection Supply Tubing & Fittings
  • Rolling/Locking casters (Optional)


The ACS3920 Air Compressor System with integral CO2 Adsorber/ Air Dryer provides a clean, dry, continuous duty gas supply for the Thunder Scientific Low Humidity Generators. The ACS3920 Air Compressor System consists of a vibration isolated oil-less compressor, membrane air dryer, CO2 Adsorber/ Air Dryer, and adjustment regulators, all incorporated into a sound muffling enclosure. The ACS3920 is ideal for laboratory use due to its small size, 100 psiG pressure output at 10 L/min, with an ambient pressure -73 °C FP, 100% duty cycle capability, and a low sound level of less than 70 decibels.

Model ACS3920 Dimensions
Dimensional Schematic of the ACS3920 Air Compressor System.



The ACS3920 incorporates a 3/4 HP oil-less air compressor and a CO2 Adsorber/ Air Dryer that operate continuously at an output pressure of 100 psiG and 10 L/min, providing an ambient pressure frost point of -73 °C. Continuous duty operation of 2000 hours before minor maintenance is required.



The ACS3920 system requires either 110-120/115-120VAC 50/60Hz or 220-240/230-240VAC 50/60Hz electrical power. The system does not require condensate drains or traps and operates continuously completely hands free.



When using the ACS3920 with a Model 3920 or Model 3900 Low Humidity Generator the working range of the generator will be limited by the lower pressure and overall dryness outputted by the ACS3920. You will only be able to generate down to around a -70 C frost point when using the ACS3920. It is also important to adjust the internal Model 3920 or Model 3900 regulator to 80 to 90 psiG to assure proper pressure control.



Specify part number ACS3920-115 for the 115 volts at 50/60Hz system. Specify part number ACS3920-230 for the 230 volts at 50/60Hz system.



Thunder Scientific offers repair services for any of our compressor systems, just ask for a quote.


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