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Model 9800 Data Acquisition System.

Model 9800

Data Acquisition System

A Fully Integrated Measurement System for the Model 2500



  • Humidity and Temp for 30 Instruments
  • Voltage, Current, or Resistance
  • Differential or Single Ended
  • Auto Ranging
  • Selectable Scaling
  • 30 Additional Independent Temperatures
  • Fully Integrated Hardware/Software
  • Industrial Pentium PC or Better
  • Windows Based Operating System*
  • ControLog ® Automation Software


The Model 9800 Data Acquisition/Control System is a real time data retrieval, display, and data storage system for the 2500 humidity generation system. The 9800 performs all control functions required for humidity generation, as well as displaying, printing, and storing system parameters in real time. The automated features of this system allow the generator to perform humidity and temperature setpoints or profiles completely unattended, while continuously recording system data, humidity and temperature data from 30 current or voltage transmitters, and data from 30 independent temperature measurements.


The 2500 humidity generator interfaces via RS-232C with the 9800 for the humidity generation process. Since the second to second operation of the humidity generator is done internally, such as pulsing heaters and operating valves, the 9800 is free to perform other important tasks such as auxiliary calculations, data display, and data storage. The 9800 sends setpoints to the humidity generator while retrieving measurement data. The measured data received from the humidity generator is used by the 9800 to calculate humidity parameters such as: frost point, dew point, parts per million, and relative humidity. Once calculated, all pertinent information is sent to the monitor for real-time numeric or graphic display. At given (user definable) intervals, the 9800 sends this data to disk for storage.



The 9800 Data Acquisition/ Control System is an integrated system, fully capable of unattended control of the 2500 humidity generation system while performing task critical data readings using its built in Data Acquisition processors. A pair of high-resolution Agilent switching units provides the Acquisition of all external readings. The readings are read through an array of conditioned connector interfaces. A panel mount voltage supply provides internal and external excitation voltages needed to perform requiring tests. The Data collected is displayed and stored simultaneously with the 2500 humidity generation system so interpretation can be compared and viewed as a complete real – time evaluation. An industrial panel mount PC provides communication, control, and data storage between systems. Data can be saved on disk or transferred over a network.

9800 ControLog Main Screen

Control / Display Screen

The Computer/Control System performs all control functions required for humidity generation, as well as displaying, printing, and storing system parameters in real time. The computer/controller is made up of several main components, each with individual yet cooperative functions. The Computer/Control System utilizes a Windows based computer system that is used to read temperature sensors and current or voltage transmitters.





Calculated Humidity Parameters Screen

Calculated Humidity Parameters

The Calculated Humidity Parameters window contains values of the currently generated humidity calculated from current system temperatures and pressures. An Error Estimate (explained in Control Parameters) is given for each value. A check mark in front of any item indicates that the item will be included in printed data when the printer is enabled.



The Graph window is a powerful tool used to view previously generated data or to monitor the generated data in real time using the strip chart feature.

9800 RH Graph










Elemental Schematic of the 9800 Data Acquisition System.
Elemental Schematic of the 9800 Data Acquisition System.



The 9800 Data Acquisition System reads and logs sensor data in conjunction with the 2500 Humidity Generator. Virtually any humidity, temperature, current or voltage transmitters can be used to gather data from the 2500 test chamber and is only dependent on the operational limits of the generator. The output or recording of the device under test may then be compared with the generator’s data and the 9800's data for analysis.



30 Channel-pairs of temperature and humidity.
Raw signals can be voltage, current or resistance (either 2 or 4 wire).
30 Channels of auxiliary temperature measurement.



Electrical Power: 110/125 V, ~5 A, 50/60 Hz



Operating Temperature: 15 to 30 ° C
Storage Temperature: 0 to 50 ° C
Humidity: 5 to 95% Non-condensing

Specifications subject to change without notice.



Thunder can provide you with a bigger hard drive or a larger monitor.


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