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Thunder Calibration Services

This is a list of just some of the instruments Thunder has calibrated. If you do not see your instrument below, call the sales department to see if we can do a calibration for you.


Please contact: Thunder Scientific Corporation sales department if you have questions or would like to arrange for a NVLAP accredited calibration.

You can reach us toll free at 800-872-7728 or via e-mail at

373H Dew Point Mirror Hygrometer & Model 2500ST Humidity Generator.

RH Systems 373H Dew Point Mirror Hygrometer with the

Thunder model 2500ST-TPA Humidity Generator.


Ametek Model 303B

Amtek 301051

Buck CR-4 Chilled Mirror Hygrometer

Cole Parmer 3309-60

Cole Parmer 37000-00

Cole Parmer 37000-00/50


Cosa Model XPDM

Cosa XDT

Cosa XPDM w/sensor 20152

Dew10 w/ Newport Display


Dewprime III

Dickson FH125

Dickson THDX

Digilog Vaportron

Dupont Moisture Monitor 303

Edgetech 1500DPM

Edgetech 2002 C1 w/D2 Probe

Edgetech 645 w/probe

Edgetech 911 Dew All

Edgetech DewPrime III

Edgetech DPIII

Edgetech Model 660


General Eastern 1311DR

General Eastern 1500

General Eastern Dew 10

General Eastern Humiscan

General Eastern Hygro M1/1111H-2R

General Eastern Hygro M1/1211H/C-1RH

General Eastern Hygro M2

General Eastern Hygro M3

General Eastern Hygro M4

General Eastern Hygro M4/D2/T-100E

General Eastern Microline

General Eastern RH2-1-D

H20 Calculator

Hanna HI8564 Hygrometer & Cooper TRH670A


HMI/HMP46 Probe




Hycal HCT & RTS

Hygro EZ


Hygro-clip sensors

Kahn Dewpoint Sensor

Kahn Transmet

Kaymont 2000

Kestrel temp sensors

KM 1203

Madge Tech 101 Data Loggers

MBW K1806 DP30-SHSX111

MCM Dewluxe

MCM Dewluxe 600 DDL

Micro Conv Tech DP5

Moisture Monitor A30

MS-50B with probe MA-160


Omega CN76000

Omega CT 458B

Omega CT 485B w/Sensors

Omega CT485B

Omega CT-485B-11

Omega CTH89

Omega RH411

Omega RH411 w/H87T6

Omega RHB-1A Kit

Omega RHB-2

Omega RHB2A15

Panametrics MMS35

Panametrics Series 35

Panametrics System II

Parascientific Digi

Polaris A30

Polaris A30-0005-05

Protimeter DP989

Protimeter Model 989

RH Systems 373H

Rosemont Humicheck


Rotronic AM3

Rotronic GT-L

Rotronic HT205R

Rotronics Hygrometer


Shaw Dewpoint

Shaw Hygrometer


Shimyei TRH-55

Stephens 600DL Moisture Monitor

Stephens 700DL Moisture Monitor

Stephens Analytical

Stephens MCM Dewluxe

Testo 645

Testo 645 w/probe

Testo Model 610

TIFVA500 HVAC Analyzer

Vaisala DMT242A

Vaisala DP989

Vaisala HM141/Switch & Gasket Kit

Vaisala HM34

Vaisala HM70 w/Probe

Vaisala HMC20

Vaisala HMC20 w/HMP20B Probe

Vaisala HMC34

Vaisala HMD60

Vaisala HMD604

Vaisala HMD60U

Vaisala HMD-60Y

Vaisala HMI31

Vaisala HMI41/HMP

Vaisala HMI41/HMP46

Vaisala HMP

Vaisala HMP 243

Vaisala HMP23

Vaisala HMP231

Vaisala HMP233

Vaisala HMP234

Vaisala HMP238

Vaisala HMP243

Vaisala HMP35/HMI31

Vaisala HMT 333

Vaporpak H30

Vaportron Digilog H-100L

Vaportron Digilog H100-L

Vaportron Digilog H100L-CL3X

Veris RH Temp Sensor

Veriteq Model 2000

VWR Hygrometer

Watrous hydrometer

White Box chart recorder

Xentaur XPDM


Thunder Scientific thanks you for your interest in our calibration services.

You can reach us toll free at 800-872-7728 or via e-mail at


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