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2500 ControLog Startup Screen

2500 ControLog ®

Windows Based Automation


and Control Software


For The Model 2500 Humidity Generator



  • Powerful Graphing Capability Creates a Visual Picture of the Data
  • Auto Profiling Feature Automates the Operation of the 2500
  • Data Stored in a Familiar Spreadsheet Type Layout
  • Customizable ASCII Interface Support for RS-232, GPIB and Analog Devices
  • 2500 Uncertainty Calculated in Real-Time by HumiCalc with Uncertainty


The 2500 ControLog fully automates the operation of a Thunder Scientific 2500 Humidity Generator and allows various device connections through a number of different interfaces. Data from the generator and attached devices is automatically retrieved and stored for viewing in either numerical or graphical format in real time or post process.


ControLog Calculates the Uncertainty of the generated 2500 parameters in Real-Time using HumiCalc with Uncertainty. The user can also drop down a Mini version of HumiCalc to help calculate desired setpoints.



Auto Profiling

The Auto Profiling relies on a predefined list of setpoints referred to as a profile to fully automate the operation of the Thunder Scientific 2500 Humidity Generator. An Auto Profile is used as a road map to automatically control the generator. The profile defines which setpoint values to go to, at what rate to go from one setpoint to another, and how long to stay at a specific setpoint before moving to the next one.

Assurance Conditions

Assurance Conditions defined in the profile allow the user to make certain a particular measured value is within a specified tolerance and/or stability before the profile is allowed to advance.



Visualizing Data

Graphing is a powerful tool used to view previously recorded data or to monitor the current data in real time. The graph works hand in hand with the data tabs. While the generator is in operation, data tabs store the most recent data points from the connected devices at the desired interval. A graph can be used to create a visual picture of this stored data.

Graph Customization

Each graph tab can be customized to display the data in different means. The user can Pan, Zoom and Scale the graph to the desired appearance.



Data Tabs

ControLog stores data into individual Data Tabs. Each data tab contains a spreadsheet type view that consists of a date/time stamp and the measured data items corresponding to that date/time stamp. Data tabs consist of three similar but different types: Device Data, File Data and Data Summary. Each type has the same spreadsheet type view and operation, but all three have different data sources.

Data Summary

The data summary allows the user to summarize the available data into a single data tab. The data summary also allows the user to calculate error or differences between a selected standard values and selected device values.



ControLog supports a customizable interface that works with most ASCII based serial or GPIB devices. ControLog allows the user to define the ASCII commands that are sent and/or received through the interface to communicate with the device. The system supports both “request to receive” type of communication as well as “receive only” type of communication. ControLog can also log analog signals using an Agilent® 34970A Data Acquisition/Switch Unit. In addition to the above options ControLog also offers a Manual Connection that allows the user to manually record data items for a device that either has no interface or has an interface that is not supported by ControLog.

Connection Wizard

The “Connection Wizard” contains various steps that guide the user in defining the communication required to receive the data items from a connected device. Each data item can be uniquely named and once connected will be recorded in its own parameter and data tab. ControLog also allows the user to save these interfaces for future use.



ControLog Minimum System Requirements

The following specifications are the required PC minimum system requirements to run ControLog.

  • Intel® Core® i3 or equivalent processor (Intel® Core® i5 or equivalent when connecting multiple devices)

  • 4GB or greater of RAM (8GB recommended when connecting multiple devices)

  • Minimum 800 x 600 screen resolution

  • Microsoft® Windows 10 (x86 or x64); Microsoft® Windows 8.1 (x86 or x64); Microsoft® Windows 7 (x86 or x64)

  • Microsoft® .NET Framework version 4.0 or newer

  • Internet browser

If the user desires to connect multiple RS-232 devices or RS-485 devices to ControLog, then the following interface is recommended:

  • MOXA® UPort® 1450 USB-to-serial converter

If the user desires to connect a GPIB device to ControLog, then the following interface is required:

  • National Instruments® GPIB-USB-HS USB-to-488.2 converter

If the user desires to connect Analog devices to ControLog, then the following data acquisition equipment is required:

  • Agilent® 34970A Data Acquisition/Switch Unit

  • Agilent® 34901A 20-Channel Multiplexer

ControLog Interface Screen



2500 Control Parameters Tab
  • %RH @Pc

  • %RH @Pc Tc

  • Frost Point

  • Dew Point

  • PPMv

  • PPMw

  • Grains per Pound

  • Enthalpy

  • Saturation Vapor Pressures

  • Enhancement Factors

  • Specific Humidity

  • Absolute Humidity

  • Dry Air Density

  • Moist Dry Air Density

  • Wet Bulb Temperature

  • Mixing Ratio by Volume

  • Mixing Ratio by Weight

  • Percent by Volume

  • Percent by Weight

  • Vapor Mole Fraction

  • Dry Air Mole Fraction


Control Modes

  • %RH @Pc

  • %RH @PcTc

  • Frost Point

  • Dew Point

  • PPMv

  • PPMw

  • Saturation Pressure

Control Adjustments

  • Saturation Temperature

  • Mass Flow Rate

2500 ControLog Automation Software

Item: 2CL

2500 ControLog® Automation Software

Price: $1,285.00

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