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Psychrometer Log ®

Psychrometer Log Software

Windows Based Automation and Control Software

For The Model 5A-1MP Psychrometer



  • Automates operation of the Model 5A-1MP
  • Automated profile run capability
  • Integrated Report Editor for semi-custom reports
  • Automatic retrieval of data for viewing or storage to disk
  • Numeric or graphic real time or post process data viewing
  • Variety of user selectable control modes
  • User selectable units
  • Audio Alarms


Psychrometer Log® software is a user-friendly DAQ program designed to be used with the Thunder Scientific 5A-1MP Electronic Psychrometer. The user can accurately control the 5A-1MP remotely using a desktop or laptop, Windows* based computer. This unique software provides the user with the ability to set up controlled sampling and monitor the progress of the data taken from the 5A-1MP. This data can be tracked, logged, and viewed using the built in graph or text formatting features. Data can also be saved, stored, and printed for later analysis. Audio and visual alarms can be set to various points and notify the user once a value is reached. Psychrometer Log® data files are compatible with Excel* spreadsheets, and can be converted to an Excel* workbook where the user can organize and view the data using his or her own preferences. Psychrometer Log® is fully automated, giving you the features to accurately display and track data.


Psychrometer Log Main Screen


Model 5A-1MP performance specifications.




Psychrometer Log® requires *Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT4.0, 2000 or XP.








Psychrometer Log Current Screen


The Current Readings Box is used to post-up the 5A-1MP's data. Current readings at the time indicated are available in the colored text boxes labeled Relative Humidity, Dew Point, Dry Bulb Temp. and Wet Bulb Temp. The time-to-next reading is available at the far right side of the box.


The graphical area just below the text boxes is used for time-series plots of current data and past log files which can be selected in the Files Area at the upper right of the display. The colored y-axis legends match the colors of the text box data and those of the plotted data lines.


Plots are available with or without data "points" emphasized (Plain Lines and With Points Buttons) and with user-supplied vertical and horizontal scaling (near bottom). The user may "fast-forward" to the end of the plot (double arrow button on right side) or reset the plot to the beginning of its data with the "rewind" button on the left side. Scrolling the plot up, down, left and right is also supported.


Log File Screen


The View Button allows you to examine files in their own rich text box window so unlimited file sizes are supported. Use this feature to examine your .Log file data, etc. Close the View window with the traditional Windows close button in the upper right.



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*Windows, 95, 98, NT4.0, 2000, XP and Excel are Registered Trademarks of Microsoft Inc.


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