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Calibration Divided Flow Humidity Generator

Divided Flow Set-Up.

Figure 7.1

  • As found calibration using a precision dew point standard with an accuracy of ±0.1 °C DP.
  • Dew point hygrometer sample tube installed in the humidity generator test chamber.
  • Additional temperature measurement for as found temperature comparison.
  • Record as found calibration at humidity test points from 10 %RH to +90 %RH.

Insert the Temp Probe.

Figure 7.2

  • Calibrate the embedded RH/Temp probe in the Model 2500 humidity generator. Calibrate as per the manufacturers test points and procedure.
  • Retest the Divided Flow Humidity Generator as left calibration after calibration adjustment of the embedded RH/Temp control sensor.

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Please contact should you have questions or problems using the procedure. We always appreciate your comments and feedback.

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