3900 ControLog®

Windows Based Automation & Control Software

For The Model 3900 Low Humidity Generator

The 3900 ControLog® software fully automates the operation of a Thunder Scientific 3900 Low Humidity Generator and allows various device connections through a number of different interfaces. Data from the generator and attached devices is automatically retrieved and stored for viewing in either numerical or graphical format in real time or post process.

ControLog Calculates the Uncertainty of the generated 3900 parameters in Real-Time using HumiCalc with Uncertainty. The user can also drop down a Mini version of HumiCalc to help calculate desired setpoints.

3900 ControLog® Software


  • Powerful Graphing Capability Creates a Visual Picture of the Data
  • Auto Profiling Feature Automates the Operation of the 3900
  • Data Stored in a Familiar Spreadsheet Type Layout
  • Customizable ASCII Interface Support for RS-232, GPIB and Analog Devices
  • 3900 Uncertainty Calculated in Real-Time by HumiCalc® with Uncertainty

3900 ControLog® Automation Software

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3900 ControLog Automation Software

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Note: You can download this software if you have purchased a 3900 generator, plus you can get the HumiCalc with Uncertainty software as well.


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