Model 3920

Automated Low Humidity Generation System

The Model 3920 Low Humidity Generation System is a self-contained system capable of producing atmospheres of known humidity using the fundamental "two-pressure" principle. This system is capable of continuously supplying frost point, dew point, parts per million, relative humidity and other calculated values for instrument calibration and evaluation as well as for precision environmental testing. This system will automatically generate manually entered humidity as well as user created multipoint profiles. Visual indications of system status are displayed in real time on the computer monitor.
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  • Traceable to SI 1
  • High Flow Capability of 10 L/min
  • Based on NIST Proven “Two-Pressure” Principle
  • 3920 ControLog® Embedded Automation Software
  • HumiCalc® with Uncertainty Mathematical Engine
  • Generate: Frost Point, Dew Point, PPM, %RH
  • Calculated Real-Time Uncertainty
  • Calculated Water Capacity to Indicate Water Usage
  • 10.1" Multi-point Touch LCD
  • Added Keyboard Interface
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1 Traceable to the International System of Units (SI) through a national metrology institute (NIST) recognized through a CIPM MRA.

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Weights & Measures

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3920 Generator45" x 33" x 49" (114 x 84 x 124 cm)596 lbs. (270 kg)

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