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We provide Customer Service for all our systems and you can use these parts and kits for periodic maintenance of your systems or use these as spare repair parts. Click on this link if you see one of the parts you need Request for Quote to get a Quote on that part.

Part Selections

These are the most popular ordered parts from Thunder.

If you don't see the part you are trying to replace please contact your sales representative at 1-800-872-7728 or email us at

Special Note:

*A quick way to identify which O-Ring Kit is needed for your valve maintenance is, look at the end of the valve body to see what color the valve plug is.

  • If it's Gray, then you need the Swagelok® O-Ring Kit.
  • If it's Black, then you need the Parker® O-Ring Kit.

Note: An easy way to look up parts for your system, is go to Section 5 of your operations and maintenance manual. If you have one of our newer systems, go to lead drawing of your drawing package located at the end of your manual.

Note: The ordering codes are shown in parentheses and bold letters. Specify these codes when ordering.

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