Model ACS1210

Air Compressor System

A Fully Enclosed Compressed Air Supply with Dryer & Sound Muffling Cabinet

The Model ACS1210 is designed to be used as the air supply for a Model 1200 Humidity Generator. This is a fully enclosed compressed air supply incorporating a membrane style air dryer in a sound muffling cabinet. This system is ideal for in-lab use because of the low sound level at less than 65 decibels.

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Model 1210 Air Compressor System


  • 165 psiG Oil-Less Air Supply
  • Dry Air To <-30 °C Ambient Pressure Dew Point
  • Sound level <65 db
  • Vibration Isolated Compressor
  • Membrane Air Dryer
  • Pressure Regulator and Gauge
  • 10’ Air Hose Extension
  • On/Off Fuse Switch
  • 8’ Removable AC Power Cord
  • Hour Meter
  • Indoor Use Only
  • Dimensions L 24” x W 14” x H 11.70”
  • Cabinet Weight Approximately 48 Lbs.

Product Accessories & Parts

These are the accessories & parts available for the Model ACS1210.

When ordering an ACS1210 air compressor system you will also receive a ten foot air hose extension and an eight foot removable AC power cord. If you already have a Model 1200 Humidity Generator and you only need to order the ACS1210, specify this part number when ordering. ACS1210/110 for the 110V unit and ACS1210/230 for the 240V unit. If you need to order a compressor only, specify part number GASTUNIV.

Thunder Scientific does offer repair services for any of our compressor systems, just ask for a quote.

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