Model 1200

Mini “Two-Pressure” Humidity Generation System

The Model 1200 Mini Humidity Generator produces accurate humidity values using the fundamental, NIST proven, “two-pressure” principle. The 1200 will automatically supply relative humidity, dew point, frost point, and other calculated values for instrument calibration and evaluation as well as precision environmental testing. This system automatically generates multipoint profiles as well as manually entered humidity levels, while continuously storing and printing system data.

Virtually all functions of the 1200 humidity generator are computer controlled. All desired humidities, temperatures, and time intervals may be programmed. Visual indications of system status are displayed in real time on the computer screen. The automated features of the 1200 allow the generation of known humidity levels completely unattended. This frees the operating technician from the task of monitoring and adjusting.

Note: This System Is No Longer Manufactured.

New Replacement System coming soon.

Model 1200 Humidity Generation System

End of Life,
News Bulletin.


  • 0.5 %RH Uncertainty 1
  • Traceable to SI 3
  • Based on NIST Proven Two-Pressure Principle
  • Generate: RH, DP, FP, PPM, Multipoint Profiles
  • Computerized Internal Transducer Calibration
  • Computes System Uncertainties in Real Time
  • Automatically Applies Enhancement Factors
  • No Refrigerants - Thermoelectric Cooling/Heating
  • Only 4 square feet of floor space (20" x 30")
  • Touch-screen control
  • USB and Ethernet Interface
  • Chamber Circulation Fan
  • Oil-Less Compressed Air System w/Membrane Dryer (Option)
  • 1200 Utility Cart with Power Strip (Option)

1 Represents an expanded uncertainty using a coverage factor, k=2, at an approximate level of confidence of 95%.

3 Traceable to the International System of Units (SI) through a national metrology institute (NIST) recognized through a CIPM MRA.

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Weights & Measures

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1200 Generator32" x 22" x 26" (82 x 56 x 66 cm)136 lbs. (62 kg)

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